The Champions Club Development Circuit is the perfect blend of elite-training, balanced competition, and pure fun.

The best way to help your child improve his or her basketball skills is through repetition of the right drills and by finding trainers capable of bringing out the best in your student-athlete. The Champions Club Development Circuit is designed to provide this type of unique training opportunity at an affordable price. It is Charlotte's premiere destination for kids age 6-16 who are serious about learning how to play the game of basketball. We welcome players from other teams and organizations.

Development Circuit Details:

  • Who: Members are grouped by stage of development. We know that all kids are different and develop at different rates. Champions Club does not use age or grade as training parameters
  • What: Elite youth basketball training and controlled scrimmages
  • When: Year round training and development
  • Where: Instead of using one gym, we use multiple locations in and around Charlotte to maintain accessibility
  • How: We specialize in assessing core skills and grouping kids in a way that maximizes training effectiveness and efficiency
  • How much: Pricing varies between $5-$25 per session for members, and $15-$35 per session for non-members. Members can also select monthly payment plans to find an additional 10% in cost savings.

Development Circuit Features:

  • Smaller, more exclusive training classes that maximize effectiveness
  • Proprietary basketball assessments that demonstrate measurable progress
  • Proven basketball curriculum that provides a road map towards success
  • Video learning tools that help improve basketball IQ
  • Convenient locations make training accessible
  • SEALPREP curriculum teaches athleticism the intangibles of the game
  • On staff facilitators help parents with early-age collegiate planning
  • As official members of the jr.NBA, you'll find opportunities for your child to meet professional athletes and coaches
  • Special giveaways and scholarships awarded to our most dedicated student-athletes
  • Open team games allow kids to compete and have fun while focusing in individual development
  • Get drafted by affiliate teams to compete at the higher levels as you progress

How it Works:

1. Register your student-athlete. Annual membership dues are $100 per student-athlete. Membership gives you affordable access to all of our classes, courses, events, giveaways and resources.

2. Schedule an assessment. Next we use proprietary assessments to track progress across 5 fundamental skill sets - shooting, ball handling, footwork, and athletic base. We then rate and group student-athletes by stage of development to maximize training efficiencies.

3. Get started. Lastly, we provide exclusive, small-group training sessions that fit your schedule and location. Youth student-athletes follow a personal development plan that addresses their individual strengths and weaknesses. Its like hiring a personal trainer at a group rate.

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